A line of products i
to relieve and prevent
pain and irritation
due to
vaginal dryness
Vagymed: vaginal lubricant gel


Lubricant gel

Vagymed lubricant gel, relieves pain due to vaginal dryness and insufficient lubrication. Its exclusive formula guarantees efficient protection and fast vaginal hydration, for a pleasing sensation to improve sexual relations.
Vagymed Gel protects the vulvovaginal area against pain and irritation due to dryness.

It is a medical device CE
Read with care the rules or instructions for use.


Content and use

To be applied when necessary to the vulvovaginal area with hand or cannula.
Water soluble and compatible with use of prophylactics and adsorbents.
Does not contain aggressive chemical substances.
Odourless, colourless, does not mark or stain.
physiological pH.
50 ml tube.

Vagymed: lubrificant gel Vagymed: vaginal lubricant gel